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KNX Executive Board (KEB)

The KNX Executive Board (KEB) is elected amongst the members by the KNX General Assembly. The Board is responsible for the association’s strategy, both technical as well as commercial. It supervises the activities of the KNX Technical Board and the KNX Marketing Board. At the beginning of each year it prepares and approves a budget proposal, which is later submitted for approval to all members in the framework of the KNX General Assembly.

Members of the KEB

Company Member Function

ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH

Mr. Harald Horst

Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG

Mr. Martin Herms

Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH

Mr. Adalbert Neumann

Feller AG

Dr. Matthias Bölke

GIRA Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

Mr. Dirk Giersiepen


Mr. Johannes Hauck

Insta Elektro GmbH

Dr. Herbert Schliffke


Merten GmbH

Mr. Martin Lindemann

Osram GmbH

Dr. Klaus Orth

Qundis GmbH

Mr. Thomas Röhrl

Schneider Electric

Mr. Jean-Christophe Krieger

Siemens AG

Mr. Hans-Joachim Langels

Siemens Switzerland Ltd.

Mr. Franz Kammerl


Theben AG

Mr. Thomas Sell

The executive board is assisted by 2 convenor sub-boards:

  • Technical Board (KTB), Convenor Dominique Beck - Hager Electro SA, is responsible for the approval and evolution of the KNX Standard, including the KNX System/Test specifications and certification rules.  KTB is the ultimate KNX Technical Decision Body. KTB is also responsible for the transfer of parts of the KNX Standard to the appropriate international standardisation committees.
  • Marketing Board (KMB), Convenor Heinz Lux - KNX Association cvba, is responsible for the marketing strategy of the KNX Standard, including the communication and promotional activities of KNX Association around the KNX Standard. KMB is the ultimate KNX Marketing Decision Body. KMB is also responsible for the activities undertaken in the different markets by the KNX National Groups.