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Smart Metering in the Operation of a School


A conscious approach to energy use is a prerequisite in protecting the earth‘s climate. The concept of the engineering firm Beyer encourages energy awareness for students. For this the energy consumption and therefore the CO₂ emission of the daily school operation is clearly demonstrated. The teacher will be able to use this information as teaching material.

Smart Metering

The Solution

The KNX controls system in the school building provided the necessary data. The energy consumption for the lighting and the heating system are measured and recorded in two class rooms. This data, including the CO₂ emissions and the energy costs, is displayed through a visualization system. A motivating aspect is the fact that two different classrooms can compete in their efforts to reduce energy consumption.


The energy consumption of the lighting system is recorded by power sensors of the KNX actuators. The degree of heating valves opening is used to calculate the energy consumption of the heating system. This value is the basis for calculating the energy consumption and the CO₂ emissions based on the current conversion factors (GEMIS data base, Öko-Institute e.V.). In addition, the energy data of arbitrary loads can be determined with a special educational power outlet. A touch screen is used to input manual tests and for the visualization of the results.


The visualization system in the background can simulate functions of the lighting and heating system in the classroom. The results are shown on the touch screen. Users can plug available electrical devices into the educational power outlet and enter run time estimates to calculate the annual CO 2 emissions.


Promoting early energy awareness among youth serves to promote the social shift in awareness and to protect the earth’s climate. KNX provides a basis for this task. The engineering firm Beyer provides advice to interested schools and optimizes the concept for individual applications.