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Gira Multiroom Audio System

The Gira KNX audio system witch it is possible to select a music sound source and change the sound and volume in any room – independently of the other rooms. Portable sound sources can also be used as a source. Operation is carried out with Gira push button sensors. Control via the Gira HomeServer 3 or other KNX operating elements is also possible. Additional functions, like moving forward or back through CD tracks or selecting radio stations, can be carried out with the Gira IR transformer. The transformer is located in the same room as the hi-fi system and relays the commands from the push button sensor in another room to the system via a taught-in infrared signal.   

How to connect to KNX?

  • Twisted Pair 


Gira Multiroom Audio System

Contact details
Company: Gira
Country: Germany
Web: www.gira.de