Training Centre Conferences

July 2014: Conference in Bayreuth (Germany)

As many of the German training centers were unable to attend the event in Portugal, KNX International agreed to organize a separate and German spoken conference for the large amount of German speaking KNX training centres. This time the conference was hosted by the long time KNX certified training centre in Bayreuth, the Handwerkskammer für Oberfranken.  

As had been done in Lisbon, the meeting was kicked off by an a detailed report by Mr. Unal as KNX Certification Manager of many different aspects of concern to the KNX certified training centres (e.g. recent changes in the requirements for training centres, implications on licensing of the transition from ETS4 to ETS5, new training documentation, Facts & Figures on number of KNX members, training centres, partners, ….).  

For the rest of the first day, the KNX System & Tool Manager, Mr. Hänel with his usual wit informed the audience about the new features of the upcoming ETS5.  

The second day was devoted to in-depth testing of the current Beta version of the ETS5, in the presence of KNX experts, including representatives from the ETS developers.


May 2014: Conference in Quinta Do Anjo (Portugal)

More than 50 delegates from various training centres around the world (including Lebanon, Israel, Brazil, India and various European countries) listened carefully to presentations held by KNX Association.

Mr. Unal explained the training centres the major recent changes in the requirements for training centres as well as in the updated training documentation. The KNX certified training centres were given an update on the latest facts & figures of KNX members, training centres, partners including information on recent publications offered by KNX Association.  

Mr. Hänel gave the audience an A-Z introduction into the novelties of ETS 5 after which the represented training centres had a full day to test as a first KNX community other than the KNX manufacturers the ETS 5 beta version.   The ETS 5 was welcomed positively by the various training centres: They really look forward to its introduction into the market in October 2014.



May 2012: Conference at Montpellier (France)


The annual conference for training centres was this year held in the lovely city of Montpellier (France). Around 50 representatives of training centres and partners of the KNX community received information about product novelties that previously had been presented at the light+building fair in Frankfurt. 

The highlight of this year’s conference was the presentation of the ETS apps. There are apps for smart phones, for tablet PCs – and now there are new KNX apps for the Engineering Tool Software (ETS). ETS4 Professional is sufficient for those who want to program and commission KNX. Many users however want additional functionality when programming KNX. With the concept of the ETS Apps, KNX Association has found the perfect solution!!


KNX Association [Mr Unal] – English   

KNX Association [Mr Demarest] - English   

Hager [Mr Peters] - German   

Bleu Comm’ Azur [Mr Kiefel] – English   

Newron Systems [Mr Hervois] – EnglishFrench   

Albrecht Jung [Mr Paloc] - English   

IDOM Concept [Mr Claudepierre] - English   

ABB [Mr Dekkil] – English & French   

Elsner [Mr Kiefel] - English   

Eelectron [Mr Ducros] - English   

Zennio [Mr Micaelli] - French


January 2011: Conference at ABB Stotz Kontakt, Heidelberg (Germany)


After the successful release of ETS4 on October 20 2010, training centres had the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences of the software at the 2011 annual conference for training centres. 

Once again the conference was hosted by ABB Stotz Kontakt in Heidelberg (Germany), which is gradually becoming the cradle for organizing such events.   

The audience of more than 70 delegates from training centres ranging from India to Sweden, listened attentively to the presentations given by KNX Association. The main topic of the conference was the new ETS4 training documentation for training centres and the presentation of the outlook on the new ETS functionalities / improvements to be realized in the future.   

ETS4 really has fulfilled all expectations and is set to take the lead in becoming “the” software for planning and commissioning KNX installations.


Mr Unal – KNX Association - English & German

Mr Hänel – KNX Association - English


June 2009: Conference at Siemens AG, Regensburg (Germany)


The annual conference for training centres was held in June 2009 at Siemens AG in Regensburg (Germany). More than 50 representatives of different training centres as well as representatives of KNX members received information about KNX product novelties.   

The main focus of this year’s conference was the impact of the use of control systems on energy consumption of buildings as well as Energy Efficiency – Green Buildings. Moreover the audience got a sneak preview of ETS 4 which is due to come out in 2010.


Mr Peters- Hager Electro – Chairman KNX Expert Group Training. No presentation

Mr Unal – KNX Association - English & German

Mr Hänel – KNX Association - English

Mr Prof. Mevenkamp – Technical University of Bremen - English & German

Mr Koyne – Member of KNX Userclub Germany - English & German 

Presentation of a selection of new KNX products from KNX members


June 2008: Conference at Diamant Conference & Business Centre, Brussels (Belgium)


The annual conference for training centres was held in June 2008 in Brussels. More than 55 representatives of different training centres as well as representatives of KNX members received information about product novelties that had previously been presented at the Light & Building Fair in Frankfurt.   

The main focus of this year’s conference was the KNX Online Shop – an online tool that has been tailor-made for customers of the KNX Association. Moreover, the audience got in-depth information of some new features of the ETS 3 Version F.   

And among other interesting topics, a Spanish training centre highlighted the many advantages of blended learning, which is a mix of distance and on-site learning


Joost Demarest: Presentation 
Mr. Unal: Presentation 
Mr. Hänel: Presentation 
Mr. Julio Díaz: Presentation 
Mr Janke:  English  -  German 
Mr. Grossmann:  Presentation 
Mr. Fleischer:   English  -  German 
Mr Brüggemann:  English  -  German 
Mr Stutzenberger: English - German 
Mr Droescher: English - German 
Mr. Dude: Presentation 
Mr. Streicher: Presentation 
Mr Truar. Presentations: English - German 
Mr Benken. Presentations: English - German 
Mr Mohr Presentations: English - German 
Mr. Jüngst Presentations:English - German 
Mr. Stumpf:  Presentation 
Mr Peters:  Presentation


May 2006: Conference at Gira, Radeformwal

Underneath you will find the presentations of the different speakers:

Photos of Conference

March 2005: Conference at Bfe, Oldenburg

Hosted by the Bfe in Oldenburg (Germany), KNX Association organised the annual conference for Training Centrers, where the KNX Certified Training Centres were informed on new KNX system and tool evolutions.   Downloading the programme:

  • English version here.