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KNX Association ofrece ahora muchos webinars para informarle sobre varios asuntos relacionados con KNX. Se trata de presentaciones en directo sobre asuntos técnicos y no-técnicos que puede seguir desde su ordenador e interactuar si tiene peguntas.

Información adicional:

  • Todos los webinars son completamente gratuitos
  • Debe registrarse previamente para poder asistir al webinar.
  • Regístrese lo antes posible, siempre hay un límite de participantes.
  • Una vez registrado recibirá un enlace para poder participar.
  • Si no dispone de auriculares puede participar también por teléfono.
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Create scenes with ETS5 Professional

The webinar is based on KNX Virtual, we therefore recommend to have a look at it prior to the webinar.
- more information can be found here: https://support.knx.org/hc/en-us/sections/360000827779-KNX-Virtual
- especially the videos on this page might be interesting to you: https://support.knx.org/hc/en-us/articles/360002413240-What-is-KNX-Virtual-
- KNX Virtual can be found here: https://my.knx.org/shop/product?product_type_category=software&product_type=knx-virtual

The presented scenes will include:
- switching and/or dimming control (value) and/or blinds control (position) and/or temperature set point (RTC)
- scene number
- scene 'activation' vs. scene 'learning'

During this webinar the following aspects/features will be explained too:
- KNX devices: programming mode & reset via ETS
- ETS group monitor

Language: English

From: 27-08-2019 14:00
To: 27-08-2019 15:00

Intended for:
- Newcomers

KNX 开发研讨 SIBT 2019


Language: Chinese

From: 09-09-2019 10:00
To: 09-09-2019 11:00

Intended for:
- Developers
- Newcomers

KNX RF Multi development

Webinar delivered by Mr. Philippe Magneron, Connected Buildings standardization manager at Hager Controls SAS. This Webinar addresses the development of KNX RF Multi devices and its communication advantages over single frequency devices.

Language: English

From: 12-09-2019 11:00
To: 12-09-2019 12:00

Intended for:
- Developers
- Members

KNX solutions for LEED strategies

It is a fact that many of the strategies proposed to achieve the LEED green building certification can be performed by KNX technology. This webinar focuses in the official training "LEED 201: core concepts & strategies", offering solutions based on a standard of technology for home and building control (KNX). Following the philosophy of KNX, the solutions are vendor independent.

If you are a KNX Partner or a LEED professional, this webinar will give you a good overview of how to tackle a green building project from a technology perspective.

- Current situation
- Market, legislation and trends
- Green Building Certifications
- Tenders and large projects
- KNX Solutions for LEED strategies

Language: English

From: 17-09-2019 13:00
To: 17-09-2019 14:00

Intended for:
- Members
- Newcomers

ETS Inside for KNX Members: basics & business opportunities

This Webinar offers an overview about the ETS Inside for KNX Members: basic technology information and business opportunities.

Language: English

From: 22-10-2019 13:00
To: 22-10-2019 14:00

Intended for:
- Members