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About ETS

What is ETS

ETS stands for Engineering Tool Software; a manufacturer independent configuration software tool to design and configure intelligent home and building control installations with the KNX system.
ETS is a software, which runs on Windows© platform based computers.


KNX Association as founder and owner of the KNX Standard offers with ETS a configuration tool, which is de facto a part of the KNX Standard and therefore part of the KNX system as well. This results in some major advantages:

  1. Guarantee of maximum compatibility of ETS software with the KNX Standard
  2. All product databases with certified products from all KNX manufacturers can be imported in ETS
  3.  Backward compatibility of ETS to product data and projects of earlier ETS versions (as far back as ETS2) safeguards your working results and allows editing.
  4. Everywhere in the world all designers and installers use one and the same ETS tool for every KNX project and with every KNX certified device. Reliable data exchange is therefore guaranteed.

Who uses ETS?

ETS focuses on all users of the KNX system; from the beginner up to the skilled and experienced KNX Partner or installer. To achieve optimal work results for all users, KNX offers – depending on the user’s knowledge – several ETS versions plus corresponding tools for different target groups directly within the software. Currently the following three essential ETS5 versions exist:

  • ETS5 Demo:                     Free of charge test and trial version; very small test projects
  • ETS5 Lite:                         Small to mid-range projects
  • ETS5 Professional:         All projects sizes; all functions

Continuously Upgrading – our commitment

KNX introduced ETS on the market in 1993, and has ensured continued maintenance and upgrades for this software at reasonable conditions ever since. Each year, in line with our core business objectives, we continue to invest in continuity and improvement, to your advantage as our customer.